Providence United Reformed Church

New Mills | Sundays @ 10:30am
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Providence has a big heart.

A heart which is open to everyone and for everyone.
A heart which beats for you whoever you are and wherever you are.
Our doors are open to welcome you – to welcome our community

About Us

Providence New Mills is an inclusive community which is Christ-centred yet open to everyone’s spiritual and pastoral needs.
We meet regularly to share thoughts, prayers and meditations.
We are a venue for concerts, talks, a book group and a weekly Chatty Cafe.

Our Mission & Vision

At Providence New Mills, we believe that God’s work for us is continually developing and we are all on a journey together

We believe that everyone has spiritual needs and questions, but not everyone seeks to answer them in a religious way, or by belonging to a church. We welcome people to express their questions and beliefs. As a church we do not claim to know “the answers” but we will always ask the questions. At the root of our seeking and sharing, is our commitment to follow the example of Jesus.

Our experience of Covid has reinforced our commitment to support each other and the wider community. Rather than strive with small numbers to set up several church-run activities for the community, we believe it is much more valuable to take part in what the community is already running, and therefore we are actively involved in the Foodbank, local charity shops, the New Mills Town Council, the Faith and Belief Forum, Fair Trade, the Volunteer Centre, the Heritage centre, Citizen’s Advice Bureau, Transition New Mills and others.

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07392 478138



Providence Church, Mellor Road,
New Mills, SK22 4DP
Sundays @ 10:30am


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